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Mobile & Landline Phone Number

 **Up to 20% of telephone numbers in Ireland you contact for outbound Voice and SMS campaigns could be inaccurate due to dead phone lines, incorrect phone numbers, spam blockers, inactive telephone accounts, deceased citizens, no longer resides in Ireland.

**Imagine the improvement in your contact rates and ROI when you screen your telephone data against national suppression cleaning files such as HLR for mobiles and LLV for Landlines.

**We have seen contact rate improvements of up to 40% = Considerable ROI improvement.

GDPR Compliance

Article 5(1)(d) of the GDPR states that every reasonable step should be taken to keep your data as accurate and up to date as possible: 


Upload your telephone data to our encrypted portal. NO PII data is shared so only the telephone numbers are required with a prefix and unique number.

We return the existing data format for easy integration with additional fields flagged:

**Active/Non Active,

**Existing Telco Operator,

**Ported recently from another Telco Operator 

** Duplicates

** In country or Not

** Flag if on the NDD or not (Landline numbers only)

Once existing data is cleaned/flagged we can integrate an API to clean ongoing telephone numbers at your data capture touchpoints. We can have this live within days. 


** Accurate cleaned data with immediate improvements in contact rates and ROI

** Compliance with both GDPR and the eprivacy regulations

** Reduce fraud through risk compliance 

Start to make your telephone data work for YOU, contact us today.