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How To Warm Cold Prospect Data and Optimise Response Rates for Direct Mail in The Fundraising Sector – Lifts response rates by average 15% to 30%

The Objectives

  • Make cold Direct Mail data work better for your fundraising campaigns.
  • Lift traditional DM response rates by up to 30%.
  • Provide a hybrid online and offline channel to donate.

The Process

The process is designed to encourage a consumer to act and donate to your campaign be it a one off or a Direct Debit donation:

  • Send email to 30k targeted consumers.
  • Use intelligent send to deliver the email at the optimum time a consumer tends to open and read their emails.
  • Call to action donate for online donations which has a shelf life of circa 48 hours and let them know to watch out for our letter to you.
  • Resend to non-openers after 48 hours as a final reminder.
  • Subject to open rate achieved at 20% = 6000 postal records for a warm direct mail campaign. The data provided can be named or non-named.
  • A segment of the 6000 consumers will act online and go to your donate page. This usually occurs within 48 hours of email deployment.
  • You pass back the responses from online activity, and we remove from the postal mailing file and supply for example, 6k records less online responses.
  • The DM data can be provided named or non-named.
  • A final email to be sent to non-responders to the DM piece four weeks after the delivery of the DM mailing.


  • Lifts cold Direct mail response rates by up to 30%.
  • Increases ROI as the budget on mailing 30k Direct Mail pieces is reduced to 6k with the same potential response rate.
  • Provides for online and offline channels to donate
  • DataXcel can also include email or SMS follow up to non-responders

Key Stats Using this donor Acquisition Approach

  • Average open rate for an email 20% plus.
  • Average one off donation €50.
  • Average monthly DD donation €15 to €20
  • Average ROI from email/postal campaign, contact us we will tell you.

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