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Eircode Address Solutions

As an Eircode data provider our address search and verification solutions are powered by the most accurate location data available in Ireland. Surprise your website visitors by asking them to type their first line of address on your website or landing page and hey presto, their full address pops up in the address fields on your site or landing page saving them time and providing you with a national standard of address verified for each user.

Alternatively, they can enter their Eircode and again a full national standard of postal address is verified and populates your address fields feeding into your CRM or data platform, cleaned and ready to use.


Improve user experience

Reduce cart abandonment and website drop off rates by giving customers a faster, easier way to capture and verify addresses in your checkout experiences.


Reduce costs

Verified address data saves you time and money on data decay, returned shipments, failed delivery fees, and chargebacks.


Easy integration

Our solution is API driven and can be installed in any web -facing page via our range of prebuilt integrations in just a few days. No technical headaches, we manage the process for you.

Address Capture

Real-time address search

Deliver the most precise address match for your customers in as little as five key strokes. A user types their first line of address, the system pops up 3 to 4 possible address options they click their address and the address fields on your form are automatically populated with:

  • Accurate national address standard for the user.
  • Accurate Eircode.
  • Verified address.
  • Ready to use for product/service delivery or marketing activity.
  • Reduces form fill for a user by up to 70%
Graphic illustrating error-free address entry

Why Choose Our Eircode Solutions

Price – Dataxcel are one of the most competitive providers in Ireland and you pay for address look up credits on a per look up basis that suit your budget.

Flexibility – DataXcel do not lock you into a long term agreement we provide a solution and agreement that suits your objectives and budget.

Hassle Free – We manage the technical integration that connects Eircode data to your web page in days taking the hassle away from you.


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