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Mobile Telephone Data – 90,000 records

Landline Telephone Data – 210,000 records

With over 90,000 mobile opt-in records and 210,000 Landline records combined with a large number of key selections on the file, DataXcel Telephone Data is quickly becoming a mainstay for many of Ireland’s direct marketing campaigns. On average 4000 unique records are added monthly and these are validated at point of collection. The file has matching email and postal data to assist with cross-channel initiatives.

Data can be targeted using a wide range of selections such as Age, Gender, No of Kids, Insurance renewals, Charity, Mail Order Buyers, Telecom and Utility switchers and many more…..

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  • Our opt-in mobile phone database is unique to Ireland and is validated against internal suppressions and the HLR verify system every month.
  • Our Landline data is cleaned against the NDD every 28 days in addition to internal suppression files.  (Note: GDPR data usage policy applies)




Telephone Data Age
Telephone Data Income
Telephone Data  Residential Status



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