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Lets get back to DM Basics

June 1, 2014

Some times I look back and say how am I still in this industry nearly 20 years now and I have been through allot in that time from being a list broker in London in the groovy nineties to an agency account director in Dublin to managing and delivering award winning products from the likes of Experian.

Things have changed allot as the data market moved from an off line business to an online digital business. Once it was all about Direct Mail, CPM rates were great, demand was high selectability was limited once we had just two lifestyle databases with any level of selections NDL and Behaviourbank, Data Protection was relatively unknown or ignored and Oasis were Kings.

The data broker market was relatively small so self regulation worked although we had committees like the British List Brokers Association etc Great days

Collecting data was always about the opportunity cost to collect a record and the potential revenue for the lifetime for that record.

Data collection was a relatively niche area with large pockets and organisations needed to fulfill the process and deliver data fit for market.

Today I see allot of changes but to be honest there is too much data, often coupled with a lack of transparency around source and DP Compliance, with a limited knowledge in the marketplace on how to extract real data insights and intelligence to help make informed marketing decisions. Meausureability or true ROI on budget spend is sometime hard to extract for brand owners.

So I say we have to get back to basics back to the nineties back to the pillars that deliver great credible decision making around data.

Declutter, simplify the process or path, add a sprinkle of real credibility thru rigid source validation, add DP compliance sign off, cover with true data insights and data intellegence finish off with transparent meausurement metrics and you have the perfect Data Cake.

We are launching a new real time lead channel into the UK market in July 2014 where our proprietary technology has foccussed on five core areas;

  • Deliver quality data not volume
  • Validate the data at source and post collection
  • Only use non incentivised traffic partners to deliver clicks
  • Score every record using legacy data by the potential to monetise or convert
  • Deliver great data insights to help make informed marketing decisions

Talk to us we want to get back to basics the question is do you!!