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How to keep your customer records up to date

April 17, 2024

So you're telling me there's a chance

We love data and work with it every day, processing thousands of records and one fact we notice is that up to 20% of telephone data could be inaccurate on any given day. Ensuring your outbound customer contact activity delivers a positive return can be challenging enough, but there’s no chance if the contact data is invalid, out of date, or no longer compliant. 

Common reasons for this are:

✓ The number is no longer live or in use

✓ The contact is out of the country

✓ Leading zero or a digit missing in the number

✓ The number is on the NDD (do not call register)


We can batch validate your data against data compliant registers and verify the accuracy of each record, is it fit for purposes, prior to an outbound telemarketing campaign and have this data back to you with 24 hours.

Here are the flags we apply for both Irish landline and mobile numbers:

  • Is the number Active/Non-Active
  • Existing Network Provider
  • Absent from Country
  • Ported recently from another network.
  • Exists on NDD/TPS

**The above process will improve your outbound campaign by up to 30% ROI, that is a fact, as we have seen this outcome multiple times **

View more details HERE or contact where we can test some of your data for free.

Kind regards

Laurence Masterson