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The “Gourmet” Data of Postal Marketing might surprise you

April 29, 2024

Serious Gourmet Shit

We love getting surprised by data outcomes and this one really got us middle-aged men here in DataXcel going (sad but true)!

In some cases, Non-Named Consumer Postal Data is now out-performing Named postal data across several sectors including the not-for-profit sector.

In fact, in a recent charity mailing campaign using both Named and Non-Named data, we saw named data conversion rates averaging 1% but with non-named conversion rates over 4%!

As an approved Eircode Reseller, we now have access to over 2.3 Million postal addresses in Ireland which includes almost 1.5 million households.

Here are the key highlights:

1.We have 1.5m Household Addresses validated to national address standards with an Eircode.

2. Target using Experian’s award-winning Mosaic geo profiling product with over 40 family profile segments including Parents, Rural Families, Retirees, and Young Married Couples.

3. 200,000 additional non-named records with added targeting available by actual DOB, Gender, Residential Status, Income, and Parental Status.

4. Data is fully GDPR-Compliant.

5. OPTIONAL: Clean your existing donor postal data address file and Append an Eircode where possible.

Here is a link to our Non-Named Postal Datacard which will give you further detail on these selections and pricing. Discounts are also available for larger volume orders.