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What If I Told You, People Still Answer Phone Calls

May 19, 2023

What if i told you, people

With the incidence rates of fraudulent calls appearing to be on the increase, trepidation towards consumer telephone data being an effective channel for generating new leads and sales is understandable.

However, DataXcel’s Consumer Mobile and Landline Data consistently achieves contact rates of 50%+ making it one of the most effective methods of speaking directly with your target audience in order to acquire new customers.

This is achieved through the following;

  • Ensuring the Data Recency is updated within 12 months.
  • Ensuring Data Compliance is adhered to at all times and is updated quarterly.
  • Ensuring data is Active and that Accuracy is maintained through a real-time HLR validation process, tailored specifically to Irish Telephone numbers.

The data is also Selectable by more than 25 consumer profiles enabling you to target key profile segments for any outbound campaign.

These include Age, Gender, Income, Home Ownership, Parents, Number of kids in the household, Socio Group Profiles, plus many more.

Test how effective this channel will be for your outbound campaigns, contact us for a quote with test packages starting from as little as €500.

In the meantime, below is a link to our Consumer Datacards which will give you further info on the selections available and pricing.


P.S – Not interested in using 3rd party Telephone data, but instead need your own lists cleaned? Click Here for further details on how DataXcel can do this for you.


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