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5 Things You Need To Know About The New Irish Postcode System

April 24, 2015

Spoke at a recent IDMA event where all things Irish Postcode system were discussed back and forth so I summarised 5 points you need to note about the new Irish Postcodes

1. Postcodes will be formally launched to the consumer mid June subject to a final piece of legislation passing through the Irish Government to ensure postcodes to letterbox level are fully DP compliant.

2. 38% of addresses in Ireland are non unique that’s official whuch equates to 600,000 homes and the eircode is primarily built to uniquely identify these house locations. Can you imagine the Geo – Targeting you can now do accurately in rural areas of Ireland. Utilities, Banks, Telcos Retailers etc must be hopping with joy!

3. It is NOT mandatory for the consumer to use postcodes so there may not be much motivation for the consumer to do so unless forced by the likes of Amazon or similar large online brands who will NOT deliver to a non unique house with out your eircode..

4. An Post as of yet will not use eircodes to deliver post but what a great opportunity to further improve there delivery efficiencies and resurrect the use of Direct Mail as a channel to market given the DM piece will get to the right household and the level of geo or profile targeting in rural areas will be world class all combined should help bulk mailers get better postage discounts which means more business for An Post, less returns, better targeting,better ROI on DM spend and everyone wins.

5. Identity Intellegence allowing data owners to create accurate single views of their customers and validate where they reside, minimising on line shopping fraud, duplicates on the data, you are who you say you are, real time validation similar to PAF in the UK except only one address will be presented to validate and not 5 or more

Data hygiene and data enrichment will never be the same again!!