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Do we need a National Deceased screening file in Ireland?

May 13, 2016

Hello and welcome to the next in my, ‘Don’t be evil series of blogs’.

This week we are talking about deceased data and the question posed ‘Do we need a National deceased screening file in Ireland.

Well the simple answer is a big YES as we have over 30,000 deaths per year (supported by statistics from the Dept of Deaths, Births and Marriages 2015 analysis), so if your data is 10 years old, your exposure to deceased citizens is  300,000 records which is over 10% of the property population in Ireland. 

Given the new EU GDPR rules coming into play by May 2018 the need to focus senior management attention on not just your positive marketing data but also your negative, do not contact data, is vitally important. 

A recent report published by ‘ Wilmington Millennium Mortascreen’ in the UK estimates that Brand damage caused by mailing the deceased is calculated at £328m per year or £1.64 per mailer so I guess these types of facts answer the question.

Let me know your thoughts on the need for a National Deceased file in Ireland all feedback welcome.

Well I am off to stoke up the barbie and crack open the first cold one given the sun is out and all that. Remember have a great weekend and don’t be evil!!   



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