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Consumer Telephone Data That Actually Works – A Case Study

August 18, 2022

Hello is it leads you're looking for?

Ensuring that your sales funnel is fed with a steady flow of new potential customers is of vital importance for most companies.

While there are several channels which can contribute to your lead generation activity, when using Consumer Telephone Data from outside of your existing customer base to acquire new sales, there are a number of key factors to consider:

  1. Source – where was the data originally sourced and does it comply with GDPR.
  2. Compliance – under what legal basis can the data be processed – eg; Consent, Legitimate Interest, etc…and has the data been suppressed against internal & national suppression files such as the NDD.
  3. Quality – has the data been cleaned though an industry best practice verification process such as the HLR for mobile data, and how recent is the data.
  4. Cost – ensure the data converts within your CPA metrics. DataXcel will work with you to ensure these metrics are achieved.

While working with a number of local and national brands operating in the Financial Services sector, DataXcel have been able to provide a consistent level of qualified leads and sales, delivered within metrics that ensure performance expectations are achieved.

The following Case Study will illustrate how we achieved a cost per qualified lead rate of €10 – €12 and a cost per sale rate of €50 – €60 for one such brand, which was well within their performance targets.

Contact us to discuss data and sales metrics that works for your new customer acquisition campaigns from our selection of GDPR compliant email, telephone and postal data.

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