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How Do You Know If Telephone Data Is Good Or Bad?

August 25, 2015

This is not a sales pitch it is simple a short list of tick box questions that you need to ask yourself before testing or indeed buying telephone data anywhere in the world. 1. Is the data compliant with all current Data Protection Regulations and Legislation within the country of origin the data was collected. Of course some data owners will always say Yes but then ask them to prove it. 2. Was the data collected from reputable sources again ask them to explain the data collection process. 3. We have all heard the standard sales person reply ”the data delivers great results or the data performs great for your type of brand ‘ it can’t all be true so ask them for a test file so you can prove it for yourself. 4. Is the data owner registered with the regulatory body in their country for example: In the UK the DMA for Ireland the IDMA and do they follow there codes of practise. If you need answers to the above and a FREE data test file of our 240k Land Line telephone file contact us on Collected with a touch of passion mixed with a sense of quality and an overriding view of compliance Telephone Data at