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Why Oh Why Is The Consumer Still Thinking Value Where Is The Love?

August 19, 2015

In Ireland and like allot of countries throughout the world we have encountered 7 years of pain, challenges, recession, tight budgets, departments stripped of really good people but deemed too expensive by the finance guys to retain them but that is what has happened to us all. We have seen own brand purchases surge from a steady 4% for years to near 30% plus levels and the Irish consumer was always so brand loyal they love there biscuits and tea and crisps and mammy always used that washing powder so I will too. We have even seen the conversations in the pub or over a cup of tea move from ”My house is worth double” to terms like ‘ah Jimmy if you haven’t switched your telephone provider your mad I saved €123.50 last year’ and so on. The consumer has been forced to become value driven at every touch point but isn’t it time as marketers we stopped this mad merry go around. When are we going to go back to the basics we nurtured for years around building loyalty a sheer love for the brand , trust, credibility etc etc We have more data, technology, online and offline tools now than we have ever had and yet we seem to get lost in a myriad of data where we drown in stats and are unable to simplify the insights we need to drive effective decision making or in consumer terms show them you truly love them. There are a few thoughts I tend to focus on that helps my basic understanding of the consumer because I am one and you are one so let’s put ourselves in there shoes and not the boxes we want to fit them in because it suits a spreadsheet or a lovely colourful graph. Firstly what triggers them to enquire , test or even purchase my product or service What do they look like – life stage, family make up, disposable income, age, gender and more…. Where do they live – remember the neighbour like neighbour approach from the nineties. What do they want from me? Once you get to truly understand these basic insights you then Wrap all communications around a few fundamentals to optimise the Love and engagement. Context – What are they doing or thinking right now. ”Behaviour” Relevance – What is relevant to them to create the trigger to do something. Emotive power – How can I hit on there emotive senses that will ignite the triggers. Now your nearly there you see you can now think about talking to them dynamically across online and offline with content that really hits the spot and hey presto the love story begins. Show them the Love if you don’t care why should they!!