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Online and Offline Fundraising

February 3, 2016

The not for profit sector has experienced an unprecedented shift in Donor Behaviour over the past few years with credibility and trust being hit at various touchpoints. In the UK we had the ‘Olive Cooke’ story an emotive story that really shook the industry and escalated greater regulation around data usage by the charity sector. In Ireland we had the transparency story around declared job packages to senior staff in leading charities which again resulted in firmer regulation which is still ongoing. In rebuilding this trust the Not For Profit sector in our opinion should also look at spreading the demographic net wider so the core demographies for example: ”females 50 plus are not been targeted most of the time’. We finished an interesting project late last year where we worked with a leading Irish charity to target and test new target demographics they had previously never contacted and decided on an offline and online strategy to optimise donations. Here is the project in short. – Objective to build trust and communicate to a demography using the channels they prefer. – Obtain a minimum 2% response rate to cold donor contact. – Build data for future crm use. – We selected a target demography = Males/Females 25 to 35 urban,income above €30k. We further filtered the data using mosaic profiles and our internal lifestyle data – Test file = 45k records – Email went out first to 45k and we received a 16% open rate = 7,200 opens – The opens were then sent a direct mail piece response 1.9% – Two weeks after the original direct mail deployment the non responders were sent 3 emails one per week to encourage response lifting the original 1.9% response to 2.8% – A final sms sent to non openers taking the response to over 3% – The above represented response tracked via offline channels but when we added the response via online channels the overall response was just under 5%. It is about working the target profile data harder, using a multi channel approach and empowering the consumer to make donor choices the way they want to donate. To explore a new approach to donor acquisition contact or indeed contact myself on All the best Lorcan Postal Data Telephone Data Email Data Business Data Databases Charities Direct Marketing