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3 Things You Really Need To Know About Data Protection

April 1, 2015

I went to a Data Protection event last year and a well known data protection expert stood up and told us that its not a matter of, ”If” you are going to suffer a Data Breach it is in fact ”When” given the digital age we are in and its just getting bigger.

So when we all calmed our nerves down a bit and took our prescribed medication the DP expert followed through with the point.

The question any DP commissioner will ask you in such a situation is show me the process you have in pace to deal with a Data Breach.

So first lesson ‘make sure you have a process in place to deal with a Data Breach’

Here are three other data protection questions we asked DP Commissioner’s in the past year.

  • Address data in the public domain can be used for marketing purposes once you state the source of the data on your opt out statement in the mail pack and suppress the data against required industry suppression files and internal DNC files
  • Land line telephone data in the public domain can be used for marketing purposes once the data subject is made aware at the beginning of each call the source of the data, the lifespan of a record is 30 days , the data must be cleaned against the NDD or TPS and data subject request must be processed quickly ideally within 48 hours
  • Sole traders and directors in companies with a turnover under €2m are seen as consumers under Data protection legislation and should be treated as such

How will ”eircodes” the new Irish postcode system affect your business?? PM me to find out.