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Irish Postcodes Breaking News

July 10, 2015

As I write this the news on the street is that the Minister in charge and the eircode team are finishing there finely tuned speech’s to formally launch the long awaited Irish Postcode system next Monday 13th July. From what I hear there will be a National Awareness campaign for a week and then the postcodes will be sent to 2.3m residential and business premises over a three week period so everyone in Ireland should know their postcode by the end of August. Catching up with our UK and European counterparts on data matching, identifying duplicates, segmenting data, extracting to letterbox level insight analytics will be so welcome you can not believe how excited we are all getting in the data world. By the way we have now Mosaic coded all of our land line data and can match to UK mosaic types which completes the family of mosaic data sets coded so we can now select : – Email data – Land Line data – Mobile Data – Postal data By one of 11 Mosaic groups and one of 42 life stage types and eircodes will only go further to help us match such data to your in house or warm data files. All the best Lorcan