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Which consumer profiles responded best to Email Data In Ireland in 2015?

December 8, 2015

You guessed it we collect email data in Ireland but did you know each email has a postal address and each postal address has a telephone number so we analysed the various consumer touch points to our data for 2015 to establish who is responding, why are they responding and when are they responding? It’s not rocket science, it’s not an industry wide report or white paper,,it was conducted for internal purposes only but the results are based on an analysis of our data in 2015 combined with data subject surveys and provides you with some level of of insight into the Irish Consumer’s perception to receiving unsolicited email data. In 2005 I worked with a brilliant team at Experian Ireland to build Ireland’s Mosaic profiling product. The one area we discussed allot, late into the evening, was around the labels to describe consumer segments in Ireland. You could have thousands of descriptions but you must condense people down to manageable groups so we have taken the same rationale and applied this to describing our core responsive segments. Here are our Top Three. Mums under 50 – Interested in value driven offers that can save on the weekly shop basket or other costs to run the household but what we also found interesting are what we call the ”ME” offers cosmetics/beauty, short breaks, Telco and Yes gadgets particularly phones and tablets. After the school run and the essential morning chores are done they tend to sit down for a well deserved coffee/tea and browse the internet catching up on social media and emails we find this to be an optimum time for this segment to open emails. Smartphone and Tablets Users – High internet users, fingers on the delete button if the first 4 seconds don’t impress, interested in strong relevant offers particularly Telco and Broadband open times vary but mainly 12 to 2 and 7 to 9. Very responsive when the message or offers are right seeing average 20% open rates. Aged 50 + Consumers – Wiser, more informed, more spending power, less patient with the wrong offer or message, very responsive to strong offers from holiday/leisure, charities, investments/pension review. Its just a summary of our research in 2015 but email data has been so commoditised over the past few years we have found that it is not about volume it is about targeting niche segments with relevant engaging offers or messages. We found the consumer is allot more responsive if they have been active in the previous 3 to 6 months with the data owner. We found that by using intelligent send technology alongside resends to non openers within 48 hours lifts response by a further 22% on average For more information on these and other segments Regards Lorcan Real time lead Gen Telephone Data Email Data Postal Data Business Data