Ok you can open your eyes now, no seriously the image reflects the first tip in my four tip plan.

1. Offer or emotive led direct mail works it’s as simply as that and will get a 78% plus open rate. I know it has all been discussed before but it’s true and given an average DM piece has a two week life span this will be very important when it comes to results.

2. Allow time to target, test and then roll out  – Often forgotten in the urgency to achieve quarterly or project result deadlines.

3. Use another channel to follow up non responders to your Direct Mail piece such as an email, sms or a telephone call. Our stats show this lifts the original response by up to 70%.

4. Don’t leave the data as a last minute decision. Spend time on sourcing the right data and ask the right questions:

 – When and where was the data sourced  – is there a date stamp?

 – When was the last time the data was used by a similar brand to yours?

 – Prove to me the data is compliant so I can cover proper due diligence on the data.

  – Are there multiple data touch points for multi channel DM?  

Just a few short thoughts as we head into 2016 and if you need any advice for your forthcoming customer acquisition campaigns do contact us and I promise we will offer the same objective advice whether you decide to give us some business or not as we do put our head down when we see campaigns pass through the office that just won’t make it.    








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