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5 reasons why you can’t afford to ignore SMS in your marketing strategy

September 16, 2020

90% of the Irish population now have access to a smartphone and on an average day check it 57 times, that is according to a recent survey by IPSOS.

In testing times like this we are all trying to get the best return from our marketing budgets, strike the right balance but we can be bambozooled by all the options, Omni Channel, Multi channel CTR , CPA , retargeting.

The key is to keep it simple, target your message/offer with quick point and click options to generate leads, inbound calls, clicks to a landing page, sales, profit and so on.

One channel that does all of this in minutes:

SMS marketing – Here are five reasons to consider this marketing channel.

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Low cost and high ROI

 • Cost per text is low averaging 3 cent to 5 cent when using your own data and if buying in external data you just pay for the text deployment plus the cost of external data.

• Greater response rates than most other channels especially if you spend time on selecting the right data for the right offer at the right time.

• People prefer to receive ads via SMS and tend to respond when the call to action is mobile optimised, so the user journey to enquire is easy and flows quickly with point and click.

Get Potential prospects engaged quickly

You could fire out exclusive deals, pre launch offers, energy or telco switcher offers, send personalised offers, run a survey, create reviews for your review site pages and many many more.

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The beauty of sms is that you can react instantly to a competitive offer or drive lots of inbound leads to meet that month end target.

Generates high open rates

Open rate average 98% so eyes are on the prize. I know so cheesy!

Research shows that SMS open rates are as high as 98%, compared to just 20% of all emails. And, on average, it takes 90 seconds for someone to respond to a text and 90 minutes to respond to an email.

Can be combined with other channels

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SMS marketing works really well as a stand-alone channel but it can also be successfully combined with other channels to reinforce your message.

For example, you can use SMS to remind customers to read an email sent by your brand hours or even days before or after the email deployment. This simple follow up can help increase email open rates by 20% to 30%.

Alternatively, use SMS to communicate messages which may otherwise be ignored or forgotten about in the inbox, such as asking for a review or recommendation or to refer a friend to a call to action.

Quick and easy

For both the marketer and the consumer, SMS marketing is quick.

SMS is only made up of text. And this text is likely to be only one or two sentences in length. Therefore, there is no requirement for a designer or copywriter, like with many other marketing campaigns. The shorter and snappier the copy, the better.

This is perfect for marketers who are short on time, or resource. Planning and sending of SMS messages is simple and straightforward, requiring less up-front strategy and planning than many other marketing methods.

Additionally, as the copy is so short, the entire message can be quickly read and understood at the recipient’s convenience. This means the recipient can engage quickly, without feeling intruded upon.

We are always on hand to chat with you about this channel both with using your own internal data or working with us to target over 100k sms users with multiple profile selections. Whatever you decide to do we will help to really make your message stand out and get the optimum conversion to your call to action.

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