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Does Email Marketing actually work?

August 10, 2022

One Does Not Simply Send Emails

Whether sending an email to your own database of donors, or to a 3rd party list such as those provided by DataXcel, there are several key elements that everyone should consider in order to facilitate for optimum performance.

These include…


  1. The call-to-action should be based on one core appeal or story that is communicated clearly and concisely throughout the email. Too many different messages can lead to recipient’s hitting that dreaded delete button.
  2. Ensure your Subject Line elicits some kind of intrigue or interest, but also avoids flagging potential spam triggers.
  3. The HTML email design and layout can require significant time and thought but by sticking to the 60:40 ratio of text to images, this is a good starting point.
  4. Ensuring your email is optimised for mobile devises should go without saying…but here goes anyway, “Ensure your email creative is Mobile Optimised”!


  1. Ensure your email is going to a relevant audience in terms of age, gender, life-stage, socio-eco profile and anything else you can segment your data by to ensure it is relevant and personalised. DataXcel lists offer multiple targeting options, some of which can be viewed on our Datacard
  2. Almost as important if not more so than audience profile targeting is ensuring your email data targeted based on activity – those who haven’t opened an email from you in over 12 months probably won’t again. Deploying to email recipients who have actually opened an email in the last 3 months will usually get you the best open rates…more eyes on your offer or appeal means more potential clicks to your call-to-action.


  1. Most good email deployment systems will allow you to test multiple subject lines and AB split testing on content.
  2. Most good email deployment systems will also have an in-built HTML spam-checker but if not there are loads of tools to see if your emails are spam-friendly such as this one

Deliverability Timing:

  1. When all of the above have been considered, another way of ensuring your email has the best chance of actually getting into a recipient’s inbox is to stagger the deployment in smaller batches at times more likely to get opened by the recipient.
  2. Here at DataXcel, all of our email deployments use a system called Intelligent Time Sending which automatically delivers an email to a recipient’s inbox at a time they are most likely to open & read it, based on their previous open rate history…pretty nifty, eh!?


Contact us to discuss data that works for donor/sales acquisition campaigns from our selection of GDPR compliant email, telephone and postal data.

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