I am a firm believer in keeping things simple and maybe its me but I am a hardent supporter of going back to Direct Marketing basics find the consumer’s trigger point, engage the way they want you too and convert.   

With the Pre –  Christmas mailings about to get into full swing we want to summarise an option that has a proven track record in lifting cold data response rates by up to 75%

 If you mail cold data the industry view is that the average cost per pack is €1 including postage, print, envelopes, mail house fulfilment etc.

This means your mail pack needs to work allot harder to deliver the donor recruitment results you need to achieve.  

An alternative is to send an email to a targeted cold database and only send a direct mail pack to the consumers who open and read your email.

This has the net effect of warming up cold data let me explain.

Say you want to target females over 40 with kids and a family income above €30k. Our email database has 50k such records so we would build an email creative from images and text you supply, email the database and say 10% open the email = 5000 consumers. We would then supply the address data for the 5k opened emails and you would send them a direct mail pack as they have expressed an interest in your Charity Message.

 We would then wait 10 days and send three follow up emails to non-responders one a week over three weeks.

 We would also direct consumers to an offline or online donation page using SMS doubling your chances of a response.    

 The above process has been tested by three charities and on average they have seen cold data response rates increase from 0.5% to 2.65%

Contact sales@dataxcel.ie for more details and receive a test package budget for your 2015 Pre –  Christmas Direct Mail campaigns..  

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