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Irish Data Converts but Why?

February 16, 2018

You might say it is an easy statement to make, that Consumer and Business Data in Ireland converts but let’s back this up with the WHY?

  •  Irish Consumers receive far less unsolicited marketing contact than most European countries, so open rates to emails for example are higher on average 15% plus, response to outbound telemarketing and direct mail is also higher with better consumer engagement through managing outbound data contact and matching relevant content with intelligent targeting.
  • Irish consumers when parting with their data tend to be honest and not aspirational about the data variables they provide so data quality and accuracy is of a high standard.
  • Data Compliance in Ireland has been heavily regulated for over 10 years and most data providers in Ireland have maintained data compliance standard for many years, that are very close to GDPR requirements, For Example: In Ireland we maintain a data usage policy so only one third party email is deployed on average to data per week. Another example, the opening line of a telephone script requires the source of the data to be stated so the consumer has a choice to continue with the call or not and there are many more regulated examples.
  • Data Owners of email and sms data in Ireland remain the gatekeepers and do not release such data outside of their secure servers and therefore deploy such campaigns from the source brand which constantly receives better consumer engagement and response.

The net result is the creation of a level of trust and consumer engagement that is on average higher than other European markets.

 DataXcel Ltd are the leading providers of Consumer Data in Ireland and focus on delivering compliant data supported with local market knowledge that delivers results for Direct Mail, Email, Telemarketing, and SMS.

We can target based on Age, Gender, Location, Income, Parents by Number of Kids, Residential StatusCurrent Mobile Provider, Insurance Renewal Date, Online Purchasing habits, Mosaic and many more..

Please see below links to our Consumer Data Cards for further information on selections available and rates:

 When you work with us we don’t just supply the data, we ask the hard questions and we challenge your thinking even if it means we sell less data but our ethos is to ensure you achieve the results you need from our data at every touch point.

We also operate the only dedicated Real Time pay-per-lead model in the Irish market so please let us know if you would like to discuss how we can help you target the right data to the right consumer or build up your own Lead database in a GDPR compliant environment